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HIGH CAPACITY&MULTI-FUNCTION POWER SUPPLY:60000mAH/220Wh high capacity, 5 LED lights indicator, whether it is power outages, outdoor travel, outdoor activities, emergency rescue, night fishing, stall operations and other power shortage situations can be resolved for you.
LITHIUM POLYMER CELL TECHNOLOGY:2×AC output, power up to 200W;2×USB output, power up to 158W, more power and more heat resistance.8 hours needed to get it full charged.
INTELLIGENT CONTROL:Dual AC output 200W, universal socket can also be customized according to different countries, Peak of pure sine wave output 250W,(more advantages than sine wave)for mobile phones, laptops, cameras, mini refrigerators (USB port) and other household other household electronics (AC output)charge.
SAFETY GUARANTEED:Built-in the Battery Management System (BMS) to improve battery utilization, prevent over-current, over-voltage and over-temperatureen,suring completeprotection for you and your devices,prolong battery life;The use of aviation aluminum alloy, the surface of the military level oxidation process to protect,with excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

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